In Search of My Master

The book, ”In Search of My Master”, is written by the famous author Marjorie Husain and displays the 40-year artistic journey of legendary Pakistani artist Jimmy Engineer. The book’s full-page color reproductions of scenes from the independence movement of Pakistan, glorious architecture, landscapes, still life, and poverty series of paintings leave the reader gasping in awe. In his career, Jimmy Engineer has created over 2,000 original artworks, and more than 200,000 prints of his work are in private collections in 50 countries.

But perhaps more importantly, the book also sheds light on Jimmy Engineer, the man. Though an artist by profession, his true passion in life has always been a deep concern for the welfare of fellow human beings. From an early age, growing up with parents who were always helping and caring for people around them who came to the house with their problems, Jimmy soon became a crusader for the oppressed. He has raised awareness for all kinds of social causes through more than 50 walks and countless awareness programs for handicapped, blind and orphan children.

Jimmy’s gift of one of his huge prints is on display in the ZAH Library. The 600-page book has over 500 prints of Engineer’s artworks and is impressive just to hold and browse.

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